1,2,3 Touch! is an entertaining game for children aged 4+. It aims to help children identify everyday items (shapes, numbers, letters, animals, etc) and their properties such colour, shape, things that fly, bounce, float, etc.

The aim of the game is to touch the pictures as they bounce around the screen. At the start of the level the player is told what type of things to touch. The instructions are both written and spoken to help children that can't yet read. As the child progresses through the game more items appear on screen and move faster to increase the challenge. The top score is recorded to give your child a target to beat.


  • Helps children identify the properties of real world objects, letters and numbers
  • Over 20 re-playable levels, selected at random to make each game a new and exciting challenge
  • Audio instructions to support children that can't yet read
  • Fun music and cute graphics that children find adorable
  • Themed levels including Easter, Halloween and Christmas ?


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