AtomBlast HD is a fun and addictive strategy/puzzle game for the Apple iPad.

Players take turns to place their atoms on the board, setting up chain reactions to capture opponent's atoms and win the round. With 3 levels of difficulty and sophisticated AI opponents, players of all ages can find a level of challenge that is right for them.
AtomBlast is the ideal game for gathering round the iPad for some multiplayer fun, offering unique gameplay that combines fun, brain-tingling challenge and delightful frustration into one entertaining package. Revel in the look of horror on your friend's face as they realise their last move could have cost them the game.

The key to success in AtomBlast is to never give up. When all seems lost, a well placed move can turn the tide of battle. There's nothing quite as satisfying as setting off a chain reaction that sweeps across the board, destroying your opponent's atoms.